Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Its Nice To Be Niche

Pancis Gems: It’s Nice to be Niche

Audrey Pancis talks like a marketing brochure; she peppers
her conversation with phrases such as “superior quality,”
“the rarest collection,” and “allow you to shine.” One
quickly realizes that this longtime RJO vendor is not talking
marketing-ese, but rather is talking about her passion.
Pancis Gems, located in New Jersey, is going on 35 years of
supplying jewelers with beautiful stones. Audrey and Jeff Pancis
are the company’s owners. Pancis Gems has continually been at
the forefront of the natural color diamond industry, and they’ve
been RJO members since 1993.
“ We have always been a niche-oriented company,” says Audrey,
“ whether it be our white diamonds (premium-hearts and arrows
from mele sizes and up) to our natural color diamonds. Oh and for
those that need, we have enhanced color diamonds too! I like to
say ‘Let Pancis Gems ship your shape!’”
Collecting for more than 34 years, Pancis Gems has amassed an
exclusive assortment of fully certified, superior quality diamonds,
both loose and finished, according to Audrey.
“ We’ve forged a path for a more accessible line of fancy color
diamond jewelry,” she says, “introducing our Rarest Rainbow
Collection in 2009. Through this collection, we continue to offer
the exclusivity and exceptional beauty of natural color diamonds
to a growing number of clients.”
With a focus on “superior quality and craftsmanship,” Pancis
Gems guarantees that their pieces will bring customers and
jewelers “incomparable pride and
pleasure.” Pancis now has a basic, semi-mount bridal line that
allows jewelers to customize each piece without having to pay for
a custom piece. Audrey explains
that each stone is carefully picked
and matched for its beauty of color.
The aforementioned Rarest
Rainbow Collection can be viewed
online and comprises three
categories: Cappuccino, Citrus and
Watermelon (these colors are
trademarked by Pancis Gems). This
line allows jewelers of all sizes to
offer their customers a “truly
magnificent collection of rare pink, green, yellow, and brown
natural color diamonds” in both finished jewelry pieces and loose
diamonds. Audrey says she is confident that customers cannot
walk into any competitor and view the array of diamonds that
Pancis Gems can provide.
Frequent Buying Show attendees, Pancis Gems will be unveiling a
new line at this Fall Buying Show in Indianapolis: the Natural
Colored Diamond Bridal line. This line will include semi mounts
with natural color diamond accents at basic price points. It is
customizable to allow retailers to reach wider target markets, and
the range of customization can be viewed online at Pancis Gems’
website: www. rarestrainbow.com.
Each stone is hand-picked and matched for its beauty and color.
Additionally, this new bridal line will offer marketing materials,
including photographs, Duratrans, DVD, and a TV spot.
“Through the Rarest Rainbow website,” says Audrey, “retailers can
let their customers shop at the site and make a purchase, which
will then be directed to the jeweler’s store. We will work closely
with RJO members to make sure the line will
be a success and that customers will be
calling them for more. We are here to
support RJO members and would like
the opportunity to work with all of